Sunday service

 a time of worship, the word, and fellowship. 

10:00 AM
This is a beautiful time of celebration in singing and praise to Jesus Christ our Lord! 

Our Congregation breaks bread and partakes of Remembrance of Communion weekly, 

The morning sermon is a foundational message for the week.  It is a continual theme that flows from week to week, keeping us abreast with what God is saying to the church.

11:30 AM
Following service join us as we get to know one another as we share coffee and snacks during our Coffee “And” time.

thursday service

 a time of in-depth bible study and discussion. 

7:00 PM
This time of worship, bible study and discussion is a time of sharing, questions, and
exploration of the Word of God. Come with questions, come with ideas, and come ready to share! 

for children

  Exciting and interactive learning for children 

Childcare is provided at each service.

We thoughtfully designed the programs to maximize your child’s intellectual, spiritual and social development. 

Games, crafts, and activites are the core of our Children's Church. As teachers our team aims to engage and encourage children to think and explore the word at church and at home. 

Anyone who is to find Christ must first find the church. How could anyone know where Christ is and what faith is in him unless he knew where his believers are?
— Martin Luther


wedding officiant

Performs wedding ceremonies on site at our building - Lighthouse Christian Church - or off site at the location selected by the Bride and Groom.


Never is there a more difficult time than when a loved on is lost. Call us to guide you through and help hold service to honor the life of ones lost while celebrating the life gained in Christ Jesus.

counseling SERVICES


Marriage counseling helps couples enrich the relationship together and with Christ at the center.  Working to improve relationships and make thoughtful decisions about building and rebuilding lives.


Christ centered counseling with the goal of helping people overcome their problems, find meaning and joy in life, and become healthy and well-adjusted individuals, both mentally and emotionally.


Personal and group counseling for those struggling with all types of addiction. Counseling is provided by our Pastors, and licensed LCDP counselors.

Meetings begin at 5:30 p.m. on Thursdays.